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  1. 2009年03月08日 - 作者:Kira

    ... heard a cry within my soul I never had ayearning quite like this before Now that you are walking right through...

  2. 2011年01月08日 - 作者:搗蛋鬼

    ... Xenosaurus Y Yankee Yarg Yearning Yoghurt Yarrow Yob Z Zulu ...有趣的音標字母-(phonetic-alphabets)

  3. 2009年10月10日

    ...back to Beijing in search of memories. A young girl whoyearns to leave. A young man who decides to make an unattainable...金馬影展--華人獨立影像--潮爆北京-

  4. 2012年06月12日

    ...unease towards the environment has taken root, to the extent that peopleyearn for greener pasture where they can breathe freely again. Thisyearning...藝術的空間謎變─徐秀美個展-art‧space-complex

  5. 2011年10月12日 - 作者:russli

    ... ( 動機 )         STORY ( 認知策略 ) Yearn what they have learned and done   活用 Y Y...

  6. 2009年05月20日 - 作者:orangeangles

    ...給彗星的 Love Letter 也是用克林姆的畫作囉 Theyearning for luck (Detail of Beethoven Frieze)   老闆相當...

  7. 2008年11月03日 - 作者:小威

    ... power than the power of good-bye Learn to say good-bye Iyearn to say good-bye ------- 這張專輯真的很好聽=w= 最近一直在放XD 歌詞也...

  8. 2012年10月23日 - 作者:Amazon01

    ...: November 1, 2001A lonely woman prays andyearns for reconciliation with the son who left her many years ago. ...

  9. 2014年09月15日 - 作者:Love & Light

    ...time have waited for this moment of union; and I know how much thisyearning carries and fulfills you. Especially in these last...【泰勒斯的阿達瑪】2014-9-13-歡迎來到阿加森

  10. 2007年12月28日 - 作者:kenji6

    ... think it is a catharsis. Something they ve beenyearning to see all their lives. The repression. The sadness...