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  1. 2013年01月18日 - 作者:hajeyj8

    ... a school trainee I was in this situation and Iyearned-for to allotment with you why the Wealthy Affiliate ...

  2. 2008年03月31日 - 作者:sunmyungmoon Messiah, who came with the historical heart of grief and theyearning for human beings, his sadness was magnified...

  3. 2009年02月05日 - 作者:自在飛翔

    .... As his journey complete, he feels restless andyearns to get back out into the world. 5Emma is a comic novel by ...英國文學

  4. 2008年03月10日 - 作者:愛吃吃 Mango

    ...heart belongs to me. I love you so much, I myearning for your touch. Come and set me free, Forever...ღ-舞蹈課-~-新歌(第一堂)

  5. 2012年04月16日 - 作者:香光 touched by the whip, be strenuous, be filled with spiritualyearning. By faith and moral purity, by effort and meditation, by investigation of the...

  6. 2008年03月16日

    ...之年 -572 Year Of Fateful Handshakes 注定握手之年 196 Year OfYearning Elves 精灵思慕之年 964 Year Of the Pickled Privateer...

  7. 2006年04月28日

    ...pastry cooks were fascinated by this delicacy from the west, andyearned to learn more about this bitter yet sweet candy. 巧克力這東西,我一直以來的印象是...[鳴謝]the-peninsula-chocolatier

  8. 2011年03月10日 - 作者:羞羞

    ...運動 ,就是 Green Life Of RailwayYearning 的縮寫,通過 乘火車,生活化運動 來實施綠色生活的全國民實踐運動。以國鐵...[轉帖]lw官網:金烔完,韓國國鐵宣傳委員委

  9. 2011年07月24日 - 作者:栗子

    ...節奏讓人不自覺地就 快樂起來! 01 - Ever Returning 02 -Yearning 03 - Yellow Flowers 04 - Festive 05 - Dancing...

  10. 2009年10月09日

    ... birth father nor does she speak any French. Sheyearns for a family and her dream seems to come true when her...金馬影展--金馬獎入圍影片--陽陽