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  1. 2007年06月01日 - 作者:Ivy,不在家!

    Fly and fly, please take my endlessyearning to my dearest friend. Photo at Chi-san where has...阿光-from-chi-san-island,-taiwan

  2. 2013年04月22日 - 作者:deadkid5

    ... ve been gone since the morning sun, My lonely heartyearns for more Angele where have you been I m weary and ...

  3. 2013年10月01日 - 作者:sarani and meditation on His form.  Gopis  of Brindavanyearned for the Lord with purity in their hearts and ...

  4. 2011年04月23日 - 作者:左撇子 - 回應數:2

    ..., your poor,Your huddled massesyearning to breathe free,The wretched refuse of your teeming shore...[puzzle]-chapter-1:-two-great-men-(1)

  5. 2009年04月01日 - 作者:tulong555m

    ... absolutely incredible. shengdun!This is the only bright nothin canyearning for a maximum period of the Paladin only skill to appear in the essis...

  6. 2012年11月25日 - 作者:paoijnf homosexual films beside. Jenna told E that sheyearned for public eye escalating up as she was extremely private. ...

  7. 2014年07月22日 - 作者:Love & Light

    ...a glorious love is an option for you! It means you areyearning for your own perfect match.貫穿時間,人類羨慕偉大的愛情故事。當你發現...【大天使加百利】2014-7-20-渴望

  8. 2008年08月04日 - 作者:howardch99

    ...引發的興奮會驚嚇到我, And I m shaking so much, reallyyearning 我大幅度的顫抖著, 卻強烈的渴望 (得到妳更多的笑容和觸碰), Why...

  9. 2014年07月23日 - 作者:evita6804

    ...doesn’t know she exists, she appeals to the angsty high-schooleryearning to be seen in all of us. Samantha’s undeniably middle...

  10. 2011年03月11日 - 作者:羞羞

    ...儀式。 GLORY運動 是 Green Life Of RailwayYearning 的簡稱,通過 乘火車,生活化運動 來實施綠色生活的全國民實踐運動。 金烔...[新聞]金烔完,被授予韓國國鐵glory運動宣傳委