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  1. 2014年09月17日 - 作者:シgynix.!

    ... want and don t want, and Iworked out some practical ways of ...public platform I ve endedup with to redirect attention to people who...

  2. 2013年01月20日 - 作者:chrishuang183

    ... wokeup at five o’clock in the morning, and finish thework at three o’clock in the... nice, not likesomeone said it’s terrible...

  3. 2013年01月16日 - 作者:marksheu

    ... forward step after step, they were happy as theyworked, happy as they pickedup garbage. They felt very fulfilled...四如意足/

  4. 2013年01月15日 - 作者:marksheu

    ...until they meet suitable parents for reincarnation. Then growingup in this world, they again began to feel, crave, experience, etc., and create more...四念處/

  5. 2013年01月01日 - 作者:marksheu

    .... After we were born into this world, as we grewup, we continued to have the Aggregate of Action. So...理明智慧清/

  6. 2012年12月21日 - 作者:jessielinhuiching

    ...相同。 That’s the library sheworks in.  受詞的that 跟which都可以省略... was born and grewup in Taipei. (1) Taipei...形容詞子句更新版/

  7. 2012年10月24日 - 作者:jessielinhuiching

    ....  If you wakeup and get towork early, you will succeed. (Sometimes used to remark thatsomeone is awake andworking...早起的鳥兒有蟲吃/

  8. 2012年09月19日 - 作者:floweroftheheart

    ... for that. Best food on the planet is a pretty good reward for hardwork, don’t you think?

  9. 2012年05月29日 - 作者:ntutm

    ...variety, which buildsup the highs and ... great onsomeone else is not always... if youwork really hard, and one day you...

  10. 2012年05月28日 - 作者:jessielinhuiching

    ...for you to say.  你說的倒容易 A: Remember to keepup your hardwork. B: That’s easy for you to say.  Go ahead...