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  1. 2014年10月13日 - 作者:prosesunpi

    ... a great way to meet new people because you re doing goodwork forsomeone who needs it, and that usually puts you in a positive mood...

  2. 2014年09月30日 - 作者:Love & Light

    ... a process, it is an adjustment, it takes time but itworks. The reward is a quiet peaceful mind and a happier, more...【hilarion】2014-9-28-你所扮演的角色

  3. 2014年09月27日 - 作者:趨勢教父-Spider

    ...just as profound an impact on the way wework, communicate, learn and entertain ourselves.... I still fume every timesomeone mentions that article to me...

  4. 2014年09月23日 - 作者:Love & Light

    ...disappear. The idea of judgingsomeone by appearances will become until you finally give themup.當然,你們相互之間的看法和你們的...《theodore之書:地球外生命體的遠景》第九章

  5. 2014年09月21日

    ...and other assets by merelyworking as civil servants. Now... can be united to defeatsomeone from these elite families....

  6. 2014年09月20日 - 作者:lichen1943

    ...hate not to make use of their abilities, yet they do not necessarilywork for their own self-interest. Thus intrigues and ...

  7. 2014年09月20日 - 作者:Love & Light

    ... way of seeing and believing. Metaphysics stillworks formany because it resonates with their state of consciousness. ...【大角星人】切斷羈絆,一切都來自完美的本

  8. 2014年09月18日 - 作者:Love & Light

    .... We wish towork cooperatively—jointly—with you toward ...this is done will be largelyup to you.在官方的以及公開的初次接觸...《theodorte之書:地球外生命體的遠景》第八章

  9. 2014年09月10日 - 作者:趨勢教父-Spider

    ...sensor that can determine whensomeone changes elevation, runningup a hill, or climbing...into that system and make itwork better; with ...'s-wristful-of-sensors-and-mems

  10. 2014年09月09日 - 作者:Love & Light

    .... To do this, you must understand how their mindswork.答案就是,你們在「服務自我者」他們自己的遊戲裡,必須要智取他們。你們...《theodore之書:地球外生命體的遠景》第七章