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  1. 2014年03月17日 - 作者:Drawingpiny - 回應數:1

    Thisis my first time to the feeling of exhaustionwas, (maybe for some people, itwas easy...

    背包客棧 > 尼泊爾 > Nepal, a place where you will be easy in love with!

  2. 2014年07月23日 - 作者:YanL. - 回應數:3

    ..., Iwillbe staying in...example, SMLis closed to... visitorswill go to SML and...

    背包客棧 > 台灣北部 > Is it possible to visit Cingjing farm in one day?

  3. 2012年06月27日 - 作者:Fantoche - 回應數:13

    Hi Iwill go there at begining of...schedule.Hi,hereis the link http://www.dalailamaworld...tibetant new year. Itwillbe a wonderful experiance...

    背包客棧 > 印度 > Is there anyone in Dharamsala?

  4. 2012年12月17日 - 作者:Angelayy - 回應數:5

    ... there. Just stay your hotel or hostel after 20:00. itwillbe much safe.Hi Davidgoodplayer, I sent several...

    背包客棧 > 墨西哥 > Is it dangerous to live in hotel at Zacalo?

  5. 2013年06月27日 - 作者:Angelayy - 回應數:1 Sarajevo? Whatis the bus schedule? How many bus from...everyday? How many hourswill the bus take from Novi ...

    背包客棧 > 南歐其他 > Is there any day-time bus from Novi Pazar to Sarajevo?

  6. 2012年11月28日 - 作者:Angelayy - 回應數:1

    Iam planning to take a Matanzas in the morning. Iwill stay at Matanzas for 2 hours...

    背包客棧 > 古巴 > Is there any taxi in Matanzas and Varadero?

  7. 2011年10月30日 - 作者:johnny1107 - 回應數:14

    ...也訓練軟度。 If youare not ready yet, once you get there, youwillbe. worries !最後一張圖 這句話說得很好 壓在這個...

    背包客棧 > 印度 > Are you ready for.......India??

  8. 2013年04月27日 - 作者:gon gon - 回應數:2

    Dear, Is it usually to use US dollars...directly use USD! BUT usuallywill nedd to pay more compare to u pay ...

    背包客棧 > 秘魯 > Is it usually to use US dollars directly in peru?

  9. 2018年01月07日 - 作者:aceh April* The servicewillbe free of charge for the first...announce that after its completion, itwillbe open for people to use or test

  10. 2012年11月17日 - 作者:Angelayy - 回應數:2

    ... said that therewere many armed or within Guatemala. Will the tourist shuttle bus go to our...