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  1. 2010年09月07日 - 作者:XYZ資訊工坊

    ... the ships roll inAnd I watch em rollaway againSitting on the dock of the bayWatching the tide roll ...

  2. 2011年02月14日 - 作者:三分鐘熱度

    ... rock and roll And driftaway (我就在你的搖滾樂中迷失,從此... to think that I mwasting time (我開始思考,我在浪費生命...中文歌詞)

  3. 2012年12月31日 - 作者:val7ez0n

    ...the suspicion of the useless woe and sendaway thatability annoying skilled worker...blank or utilized tape in an validwaste matter installation thatability can grip ...

  4. 2012年12月22日 - 作者:iyhf4v

    ..., not further stripped-downaway. Post ads: The... Caddy, OrganicWaste Collection System...

  5. 2011年12月05日 - 作者:葛芮斯

    ... Without you I m just milesaway Could be blue I don t mind Without you it s awaste of time @其他網友的

  6. 2014年06月15日 - 作者:gyonshi

    ... 就是這樣 and that is always was. 而且永遠都是 now goaway and drown in sorrows. 現在離開並將懊悔淹沒 you ‘ve had ...

  7. 2010年09月07日 - 作者:Panay

    We love to eat banana, but I always feel it is a bigwaste to threwaway banana peel which is about half volume and weight of the banana. Here ...

  8. 2012年04月26日 - 作者:「食德好」食物回收計劃

    ... itaway. Then think... of foodwaste. Not only.... FoodWaste By ... much we throwaway, according...食德好報導20120419-hk-magazine/

  9. 2009年08月19日 - 作者:makristin

    ... we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we arewastingaway, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. 2...

  10. 2009年03月31日 - 作者:jj1964

    ... with a story that his dinner companion waswastingaway from a flesh-eating disease. “Michael is a magnet...