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  1. 2014年04月26日 - 作者:evita6804 emission arises from thesynchrotron process , in which electrons...slow down and cease producingradiation. Somehow new electrons...

  2. 2013年05月15日 - 作者:楓葉小嘉

    ... Consortium. It bounces specialsynchrotronradiation off of a target in order to analyze it.)。它是一嗰用作偵察敵人的...基礎要素簡介【攻略】惡靈古堡:啟示-ue-版-b

  3. 2012年02月08日 - 回應數:2

    ... the first artist-in-residence at the AustralianSynchrotron, a massive machine (216 meters in diameter) that accelerates...魔境wonderland|-作品介紹-about-the-artworks