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  1. 2011年10月26日 - 作者:doublewoods

    ... Information theoryLogic Programming Machine... TestingSymbolic Mathematics ...

  2. 2011年05月10日 - 作者:臺北基督學院圖書館

    ... -- and crossed over into worldwide fame as an author -- with hissymbolic masterpiece, The Alchemist. Since then, Coelho has...

  3. 2011年02月23日

    ...-Japanese. The penis pillows in the exhibition space aresymbolic elements that represent the dance of Lin Si Twuan. The...《活彈藥》作品介紹-《live-ammo》about-the-artwork

  4. 2011年02月22日 - 回應數:1

    ...the truth within “unreality” in the desert of the real, much as the space-in between of thesymbolic and the real. This is an experiment to place art in the social, ...《活彈藥》策展人的話-the-efficacy-of-“live”-

  5. 2010年11月22日 - 作者:學習者

    ...philosopher, or a great religious person. Even if he could not explain it with scientificlogic, even if he could not express that sentiment poetically, even if he could not ...

  6. 2007年05月24日

    ... Room Project, could be interpreted as asymbolic ‘home’ for a traveler that seems to embody the singing of ...複音:流動在李明維、謝素梅之間-duologue

  7. 2011年02月17日

    ...bay Sasur aur papa ne choda Reducing prednisolone steroid intake Symbolic meaning of pineapple International scout keychain How...

  8. 2008年05月30日

    ...of 2005. In each one, a man and a woman go through the ritual preparations for thesymbolic sacrifice required for transformation and rebirth. The entire series lasts ...【慢-slowtech】作品簡介-about-the-artworks

  9. 2012年10月13日 - 作者:dlooop55

    ...can intercommunicate scores of hearsay once knowledgeably utilized.Symbolic callisthenics of the keeping may describe the mechanics...

  10. 2008年10月10日 - 作者:Arslen

    ...understand and realize the rules andlogics of architecture forms in the modern... the interpretation of the unique andsymbolic features of architecture ...