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  1. 2013年07月11日 - 作者:guzyvazo

    ... could start with as well? Essentials ofSymbolicLogic download The Growth of Biological...

  2. 2007年12月03日 - 作者:Felix

    ...instruction,周期/指令) CPLD(Complex ProgrammableLogic Device,复杂可程序化逻辑组件) CPRM(Content...

  3. 2012年02月26日 - 作者:zyien

    ... Intelligence):學習與使用語文文字的能力 (2) 數理智力(Logic-mathematical Intelligence):數學運算及邏輯思考推理能力 (3) 空間...

  4. 2013年07月12日

    ...livestock known to men, has been given differentsymbolic connotations in different cultural and religious traditions; in general...【這個世界會好嗎?-向京在台北】作品簡介

  5. 2005年12月18日 - 作者:demona

    ... within the family when Chacko, who has married the (symbolic) colonizer ( who, significantly, has divorced him), reinvests in...

  6. 2012年12月29日

    ... and variations on forms seem to emerge as conventionallogic is altered. The original duo meanings embodied...熱身與超越-warm-up-and-soar-beyond

  7. 2010年06月08日 - 作者:離人

    ...symbol and presentational symbol n        Art is the creation of formsymbolic of human feeling. n        A symbol is any device whereby we...

  8. 2011年11月10日

    ... through images. Second Soul is alsosymbolic of the idea of “rebirth”.  These artists are ...末‧未2013-–-world-is-over?

  9. 2011年02月23日

    ...-Japanese. The penis pillows in the exhibition space aresymbolic elements that represent the dance of Lin Si Twuan. The...《活彈藥》作品介紹-《live-ammo》about-the-artwork

  10. 2011年02月22日 - 回應數:1

    ...the truth within “unreality” in the desert of the real, much as the space-in between of thesymbolic and the real. This is an experiment to place art in the social, ...《活彈藥》策展人的話-the-efficacy-of-“live”-