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  1. 2010年09月09日 - 作者:hiscore0607 exhaust fumesinto the air. 車輛呼嘯而過...the report spewedout from the computer printer...from the broken vasespread around the floor. 破掉的...

  2. 2009年04月06日 - 作者:annpohugo

    ...where they work, and not be forcedinto an unnatural existence in men’s.... Africans want to be allowedout after eleven o’clock at night and not to be...

  3. 2014年10月15日 - 作者:kingdomchurchofalmightygod

    ... a man resists God’s work, God will cast this maninto hell; if a nation resists God’s work, God will destroy this...

  4. 2011年04月12日 - 作者:marksheu

    ...不計其數。 Now avian flu isspreading to humans In response...they kill each other. Some killout of passion. Some kill for wealth...罪業滅福就生/

  5. 2010年09月13日 - 作者:Scott

    ... Jesus and the prophets and also drove usout.  They displease God and are hostile to all men in...

  6. 2011年03月24日 - 作者:6point7billion

    ..., was 20 feet under water. We all know that waterspreadsout — it seeks its own level. So if you dump enough...聖經挪亞方舟大洪水故事-只是來自猶太教的神話/

  7. 2011年05月21日 - 作者:marksheu

    ... is an insignificant good deed. Will I even get anythingout of it?” “Will it benefit anyone in any way?” “It is so insignificant...把心安住/

  8. 2011年06月19日 - 作者:leeoxygen

    ...not bode well for the economy. (sharp, abrupt) The company precipitatedinto bankruptcy shortly after the accounting discrepancies were discovered...

  9. 2012年04月15日 - 作者:ndark

    ... to another website or pullingout their credit cards. 在... is how Flash gamesspread virally. To be clear: we want portals...翻譯-defenders-quest-by-the-numbers/

  10. 2009年03月19日 - 作者:痞子揚

    ...; it has wipedout whole communities, usually poor black.... You gointo those neighbourhoods and bring back...轉載-is-this-really-the-end-of-neoliberalism/