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  1. 2014年06月18日 - 作者:ott - 回應數:11

    ...the creation of the FIFO World Cup Colts 6:09whichsound funny you know it s is like going to the World Series...

  2. 2012年04月12日 - 作者

    ...? If thissounds like somethingout of a dream, it actually ...virtual gifts to findout how people really feel is...

  3. 2013年10月02日 - 作者:MindOcean

    ...than move forward, review assumptions and rethink plans. You will not missout on anything by waiting - in fact, you will gain options. In love...

  4. 2015年03月07日 - 作者:ott

    ... in. 吹垮了房門 粉碎了門窗 Shattered windows and thesound of drums 跟著戰鼓節拍 走進我的堡壘 People couldn t believe what...

    Disp BBS > ott > Coldplay - Viva La Vida

  5. 2012年05月26日 - 作者:ott

    ... go down and may return 369 00:34:18,431 -- 00:34:20,515 But once putout Our own brief light 370 00:34:20,725 -- 00:34:23,143 We sleep through...

    Disp BBS > English > Cleopatra 1963

  6. 2016年02月04日 - 作者:MindOcean

    ... social life, and on Valentine's Day weekend, will reachout to Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck. You seem to be ...

    Disp BBS > Zastrology > [運勢] Susan Miller 2016年 2月 魔羯座(原文)

  7. 2012年05月27日 - 作者:chrisvzxs - 回應數:1

    ... オナマス黒沢 OP LOCALSOUND STYLE Out of Color - YouTube LOCALSOUND...

    Disp BBS > ACG > [閒聊] 你今天黑澤了嗎?

  8. 2015年05月21日 - 作者 - 回應數:3

    ... about me? great!sounds u r on top of it. if i ... the hell u pointedout, u mean that 30-year-old ...

  9. 2014年01月01日 - 作者:MindOcean

    ...position will come at an unexpected time, andout of the blue in the days following...with a former love, if that thoughtsounds good to you.

    Disp BBS > Zastrology > [運勢] Susan Miller 2014年 1月 金牛座(原文)