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  1. 2009年04月06日 - 作者:annpohugo

    ...white newspapers carried reports that sabotage would bepunished by death. If this was so, how could we continue to keep Africans away...

  2. 2014年10月15日 - 作者:kingdomchurchofalmightygod

    ... to withdraw from the Church, otherwise they will be severelypunished; if people join the Church, they will be arrested, fined...

  3. 2011年06月25日 - 作者:floweroftheheart

    ... inmates are sent to labor camps to bepunished. Falun Gong practitioners are sent...

  4. 2010年09月18日 - 作者:chungchengschool

    ... was angry at Chang O’s carelessness andpunished her. He sent her down to earth to where the ordinary...中秋節/

  5. 2011年09月10日 - 作者:floweroftheheart

    ...subversion of state power — a broad charge that China often uses topunish dissidents — while Liu is serving a 10-year sentence...

  6. 2008年10月25日 - 作者:channelchang

    ...because you know what I’m going to do, inasmuch as I can’tpunish Mr. Havemeyer, Mr. Potter or Mr...親愛的上校與白話文/

  7. 2011年06月06日 - 作者:leeoxygen

    ...have lived   36. “Why did Professor Wangpunish Mary?” “He ____ in the examination.” (a) caught her...英文文法總複習測驗/

  8. 2011年05月07日 - 作者:marksheu

    ... demons, many Yakshas and evil spiritspunishing the many wrongdoers In the midst of this was a pot...興七心得滅障/

  9. 2011年05月11日 - 作者:floweroftheheart

    ...,  burned property, and demanded that the police bepunished. Yu Hui, a 12th grade teacher of Shehong ...四川7警暴虐教师-万人声援师生游行示威-after-teacher-beaten-students-protest-en-m/

  10. 2011年04月12日 - 作者:marksheu

    ...know committing robberies or kidnappings will bepunished by law but they commit them because they are ignorant. Aside...罪業滅福就生/