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  1. 2008年02月09日 - 作者:天仙 (Celeste)

    ... consists of three different parts – the factual, thephilosophical, and the poetic.  He kept a meticulous record of how he managed...[book]-walden---a-philosophical-light-to-life

  2. 2007年03月14日 - 作者:天仙 (Celeste)

    ... Wordsworth and Lao-tzu: the Similarities between aPhilosophical Poet and a Poetic Philosopher[NO PART of...[ldb]-wordsworth-and-lao-tzu

  3. 2014年05月18日 - 作者:evita6804

    ...’s most importantphilosophical school. William James...after an extended period ofphilosophical searching. He ...

  4. 2011年03月13日 - 作者:jkdhistory

    ...中國拳法:防身自衛的哲藝》( Chinese Gung Fu: ThePhilosophical Art of Self-Defense )。   在書中,李小龍翻譯和參考...

  5. 2010年08月22日 - 作者:jkdhistory

    ... gleaned technical andphilosophical information from the legendary martial artist...approach to the martial arts. Thephilosophical notion of freedom allowed ...

  6. 2012年12月28日 - 作者:lemanf this rustic. Some students refer Canada s diversity andphilosophical system as quite a few of the reasons for selecting Canadian...

  7. 2011年06月21日 - 回應數:7

    ...,I代表Innovative & interesting,P代表Philosophical & palatable。就這次用餐經歷看來,每一套菜色都像是精心設計過,兼具視覺與...【國賓飯店-雙連站】aqua-lounge-buffet也可以吃

  8. 2013年01月16日 - 作者:cokecc clicking on the linkage at the bottom of this page. We profferphilosophical analysis and handicapping information on NFL and ...

  9. 2013年04月23日

    ...2 men who are very familiar with each other from physical movement tophilosophical and metaphorical emotions. 2 Men seems in the vein of classical...【第11屆台新藝術獎入圍特展】表演藝術類入

  10. 2014年05月15日 - 作者:evita6804

    ..., and historical lore; while displaying a poetic sensibility,philosophical austerity, and Yankee love of practical detail. He was also deeply...