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  1. 2012年09月29日 - 作者 - 回應數:3

    ...can a fanboy of the iOS or Android smartphone platforms bepersuaded to switch? And which of the two would a technophobic smartphone new... 心理學家分析...

    Disp BBS > terievv > [爆卦] 心理學家怎麼看android/iphone fan

  2. 2012年11月26日 - 作者:jime6ez05

    ...we be indecisive from this is once we ve been convinced that apersuaded item is something we only can t live in without. What does that...

  3. 2013年01月11日 - 作者:pattero

    ... the brakes are stepped on,one will tell a holdfastpersuade ten present as influential as the wrench that puts the car in occurrence. On...

  4. 2010年04月06日


  5. 2010年08月23日 - 作者:KELLY 潘 - 回應數:22

    ... but he cannot comment much. Yuehao fails topersuade his father to reverse his plans to take over the orphanage. ...星光依舊燦爛---媒體據

  6. 2010年11月15日 - 作者:Maybird

    ... the phrase” You’ve never had it so good” to try topersuade voters that they were well off under his government. ...翻譯作業

  7. 2013年01月19日 - 作者:stanleyar

    ...nigh on. Senior teachers are on the whole fixed onpersuaded areas of specialisation. These are called...

  8. 2013年01月13日 - 作者:kirly84

    ... you cognize that of import males are the guys who canpersuade women, how do you cognize if you re acting like-minded an of...

  9. 2009年12月29日

    ...詩意的 poetic 詩人 poet 詩情畫意的 lyrical 詭計 trick 試 try 說服 convince 說服persuade 說明 explanation 說 say 說話 speak 說謊者 liar 說服力 persuasion 詳述、詳載 ...

  10. 2013年02月04日 - 作者:ciioe4e

    ...internet, you craft Viral Video which is by far the utmost almightypersuade in selling. It is the close big situation in the global of ...