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  1. 2012年11月29日 - 作者:ott

    ... s answer, To Rome, to be crucified anew,persuaded Peter that he had to return to the city and accept his...

    Disp BBS > English > Rome Walking Tour: Ancient Appian Way

  2. 2014年06月13日 - 作者

    ...腦科學經典法則,原文名稱:Brainfluence: 100 Ways toPersuade and Convince Consumers with neuromaketing,語言:繁體中文...

    Disp BBS > CPLife > [活動] 博客來66折 06/16~06/22

  3. 2014年11月02日 - 作者:MindOcean

    ... makes November 1 a standout day to write, speak,persuade, negotiate, or travel. On November 3, you may be able to have a talk...

  4. 2014年10月04日 - 作者

    ...039; Jeremy Renner exactly how Tom Cruisepersuaded him to join the 'Mission: Impossible' team...