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  1. 2011年07月09日 - 作者:快樂小藥師

    ... with 6 months of isoniazid as preventive treatment in ourintention-to-treat analysis. Our study was not blinded, however...[nejm][original-article][節錄]new-regimens-to-prevent-tube

  2. 2014年03月27日 - 作者:快樂小藥師

    ...with end points defined a priori, and there was anintention-to-treat analysis with adequate handling of competing...[nejm]nutrition-in-the-acute-phase-of-critical-illness

  3. 2010年12月07日 - 作者:HuangCT

    ...casual the occasion is, the more frugal the linguistic context may be, it is not myintentionto go any furtherto deal with the details of the style issue for the time ...

  4. 2013年01月07日 - 作者:odonne7l5

    ...and Herbal Treatments are too previously ownedtotreat collapse. Herbs/Herbal supplements are all bit...

  5. 2012年11月28日 - 作者:myer67x programme Indistinguishability ofintention and beingto all and refuse the bribeto easy stifle its internal Featherweight...

  6. 2013年02月16日 - 作者:駱玟 - 回應數:3

     If you haveintention tryingto make someone else happy, then stop that... of peopletreat spirituality and reality as two different...沒時間發文的小感言

  7. 2013年08月21日 - 作者:快樂小藥師

    ... were performed accordingto theintention-to-treat principle. Descriptive statistics were usedto compare...[nejm]vedolizumab-as-induction-and-maintenance-therapy-for-u

  8. 2010年10月26日 - 作者:快樂小藥師

    ... success rate of the bismuth-containing quadruple therapy in the intention-to-treat analysis was 93.7% in the 14-day treatment arm versus 80...[medscape]-bismuth-improves-ppi-based-triple-therapy-for-h.-

  9. 2011年06月01日 - 作者:快樂小藥師

    ... generally supported the findings in theintention-to-treat analysis, proportionately fewer LTRA-treated...[webmd][nejm]leukotriene-antagonists-as-first-line-or-add-on

  10. 2010年07月18日 - 作者:快樂小藥師 - 回應數:1

    ... patients were included in theintention-to-treat analysis, as specified in the protocol. Total...[nejm]-sirolimus-and-kidney-growth-in-autosomal-dominant-pol