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  1. 2013年12月10日 - 作者:ott

    ...a stay-at-home mother, gotstuck on a toilet at Home Depot... after a prankster putglue on four toilet seats. “I...

    Disp BBS > ott > Woman glued to toilet seat rescued.

  2. 2014年06月05日 - 作者:MindOcean

    ...19 and progress was hard - you must have felt like you were walking throughglue. Now that Mars is finally moving direct, you will see how much you...

    Disp BBS > Zastrology > [運勢] Susan Miller 2014年 6月 天蠍座(原文)

  3. 2014年06月05日 - 作者:MindOcean

    ... the matter at year's end, it will come back up for a solution, and it willstick to you, almost like flypaper. People will be fragile and easily provoked...

    Disp BBS > Zastrology > [運勢] Susan Miller 2014年 6月 魔羯座(原文)

  4. 2013年11月01日 - 作者:MindOcean

    ...very difficult to get a big new project tostick. Plans seem to languish, people...and it's like walking throughglue. Now, all that changes...

  5. 2012年03月21日 - 作者:ott

    ... viewable trees in an infinite forest 10301 Rings andGlue Determine number of intersecting circles...

    Disp BBS > ott > Online Judge System

  6. 2015年05月01日 - 作者:MindOcean

    ...weight (she's a size 4), something that she worried would happen, but shestuck to high-protein meals with fresh vegetables, kept all...

    Disp BBS > Zastrology > [運勢] Susan Miller 2015年 5月 雙子座(原文)