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  1. 2012年04月12日 - 作者:franklinlearning

    ..., like Tasty or To­kiya, will probably remember thefriendliness of the waiters. But another crucial factor in the group’s consistent...新聞英文王品致勝密碼-以人為本/

  2. 2011年05月25日 - 作者:infocycu

    ... for energy and relevant industries. Since environmentfriendliness and sustainable development has become the global trend, where new issues...

  3. 2011年08月29日 - 作者:泓師父 Psychic Master Hozn

    ... fine talk does not believe 善者不辯,辯者不善。 Thefriendliness does not debate, debate is bad. 知者不博,博者不知 Knowing...道德經tao-te-ching-tao-scripture道德經-卷八7181/