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  1. 2010年02月03日 - 作者:kaseilisei

    ...of comedy that I’m drawn to, I don’t want it to be purelyfarcical and I want it rooted in something(言之有物).   And I...

  2. 2010年08月23日 - 作者:iViewzine

    ... girlfriend’s family next door. It turns out, however, that thesefarcical sketches are simply meant to show how the Berglunds...

  3. 2013年06月02日 - 作者:Sofía

    ...propose v責難censure, blame, chide, condemn, criticize, reproach adj滑稽的comic, funny, laughable,farcical v屈尊condescend, patronize, deign, demean oneself, submit v傳達 ...

  4. 2009年02月24日 - 作者:Xristina - 回應數:10

    ...) chief Alekos Alavanos said the situation was “farcical” and repeated calls for a cross-party committee to examine public order...[希臘新聞]-好樣的希臘人,現實中上演越獄風

  5. 2007年01月07日 - 作者:vernielu

    ... after he comes to throne. For his part, all thesefarcical episodes serve simply as holidays in his ambitious career, and...

  6. 2013年07月27日 - 作者

    .... A ménage à trois could provefarcical. But perhaps TSMC’s board thinks its founder ...

    Disp BBS > sayumiQ > [新聞] 經濟學人:台積電好棒

  7. 2012年10月16日 - 作者:YoanaShih

    ...認罪,因為他們沒有提出異議或否認對他們提出的指控。 Ever since thefarcical apology for genocide issued in June 2008 by your paymaster, the...

  8. 2013年06月20日

    ... converted a penalty of his own following an even morefarcical award. A compelling, if slightly unhinged contest took...聯合會杯--藍衫軍險險贏-藍武士輸輸去

  9. 2006年10月12日

    ... you make your own luck, England deserved thefarcical bounce which led to Croatia s second goal.When McClaren...深夜中....忍不住的笑了

  10. 2012年09月10日

    ... to stave off a battling Tomas Berdych and somefarcical gusting winds circling New York to reach...美網四強-大風吹-吹什麼--風雲變色寶貝得