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  1. 2007年04月16日 - 作者:羯希錄


  2. 2013年10月17日 - 作者:快樂小藥師

    ...presentation. Two of these patients had virologic and immunologicfailure; the other three patients, who presented 4, 7, and 11 weeks...[nejm]a-dimorphic-fungus-causing-disseminated-infection-in-s

  3. 2011年04月24日 - 作者:慢慢貝

    ... Jonas E. Salk, our country is free from the cruelepidemics of poliomyelitis that once struck almost yearly. Because of his tireless...

  4. 2011年06月04日 - 作者:司馬

    ... killer bacteriaepidemic has left over 2,000 ... can lead to bloody diarrhea and kidneyfailure. Most of the victims...

  5. 2011年04月12日 - 回應數:203

    ... for years. Even as the FBI denounced an epidemic of mortgage fraud in 2004, their white-collar crime units were...銀行家們是否可以遁逃?!

  6. 2013年05月06日 - 作者:bbmanex - 回應數:155

    ...欺壓,而是在公正的政府下享有自由。The country used to suffer much fromepidemic diseases, which ere largely caused by the wretchedly bad water which the...

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  7. 2012年12月04日 - 作者:快樂小藥師

    ...and clinical experience. Conclusion DM is reachingepidemic proportions worldwide, and the contributions of medications...[us-pharmacist]antipsychotic-induced-diabetes-mellitus-抗

  8. 2009年11月21日 - 作者:fdshbdf elicit hypotension, shock and multi-organfailure. Many deaths occur within....Skin/soft tissue (rare): non-epidemic strains of V. cholerae...

  9. 2009年08月31日 - 作者:快樂小藥師 elicit hypotension, shock and multi-organfailure. Many deaths occur within.... Skin/soft tissue (rare): non-epidemic strains of V. cholerae...霍亂治療(vibrio-cholerae)

  10. 2012年04月20日 - 作者:快樂小藥師

    ...toxic ingestion. Disorders causing presentation with acute liverfailure should also be ruled out. Clinical Presentation ...[us-pharmacist]reye’s-syndrome:-a-rare-but-serious-pediatr