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  1. 2009年12月30日 - 作者:Luke

    ... March: A military squad does an extremelyeffeminate chant, which the colonel again finds silly ( and a bit suspect, I think...荒謬大雜燴-"現在來點完全不同的"-(and-now-for-s

  2. 2009年04月09日 - 作者:n3g0t0

    ... nothing but re-enforces the stereotype that gays areeffeminate? 6 .      How are the director and cast dealing with this hype...

  3. 2011年10月22日 - 作者:SemmyEnator

    ...been my kinsman. O sweet Juliet,     Thy beauty hath made meeffeminate     And in my temper soft ned valour s steel Enter Benvolio...

  4. 2010年01月29日 - 作者:chou wh

    ..., and belts. They were said to be sensuous, attractive,effeminate, and their dancing sexually provocative . They minced and ...