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  1. 2008年10月04日 - 作者:cosmoslibra

    .... This postcalls for someone with characteristics...not necessarily in order of importance): courtesy and politeness tact self-motivation enthusiasm...

  2. 2008年04月18日 - 作者:妮妮魚 now for this anticipatedcourtesy. 34. As the matter is urgent... telegraphic reply, or long distancecall, to reach us before noon on ...

  3. 2013年05月20日 - 作者:juice

    ...with his fanbase.   He refuses tocall them “Cumberbitches” – mentioning, with achingcourtesy, the “Cumberwomen” or “...

  4. 2009年03月29日 - 作者:Fanny - 回應數:62

    ...對於此一事件能給予協助和合作。Yourcourtesy will be appreciated, and we earnestly...服務,並靜待您的訂單。Pleasecall me any time if you have any ...商業實用英文

  5. 2012年01月28日 - 作者:m1016c

    ... in a string to their lowercase equivalent? Of course you can; all you have to do iscall the ToLower() method. For example, here we assign 26 uppercase letters...

  6. 2013年11月29日

    ...death. The human model used in CPR training is alsocalled Anne, but here the work expresses a spiritual sublimation and the temptation...【後人類慾望-post-humanist-desire】作品簡介-about

  7. 2012年09月13日 - 作者:oktiger - 回應數:12

    ...track of which foot has remained stationary is quite difficultcourtesy of the fast-paced nature of the game. But James does...八大超巨星的違例犯規技巧

  8. 2010年02月08日 - 作者:UraniaChang

    ... began featuring chapters of a back-up storycalled Endangered Species . Here, Beast began...

  9. 2010年08月22日 - 作者:jkdhistory

    ... Chun roots and eventually develop what he latercalled Jeet Kune Do (TM)? This would really be...