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  1. 2012年11月25日 - 作者:kaslero

    ...injustice, even once doing so may jeopardize your own refuge. Do notuse the Buddhist commune for of his own gain or profit, or alter ...

  2. 2014年10月30日 - 作者:Love & Light

    ... you not only to see lifecompassionately around you, but also to see yourself... to be the thread that youuse to weave a tapestry of your life...【天使的智慧】2014-10-28-慈悲

  3. 2012年10月10日 - 作者:u8h88d

    ...beside a advancedcompassionate with reference to the factor...project, is the kosheruse of patterns...s say you areusing a muted indigo...

  4. 2012年11月22日 - 作者:快樂小藥師

    ...treatment of multidrug-resistant, gram-positive infections: experience from acompassionate-use program. Clin Infect Dis. 2003;36:159-168. 30...[us-pharmacist]oral-treatment-options-for-chronic-osteomyeli

  5. 2014年09月21日 - 作者:Love & Light

    ...development leads to becoming more like God: more loving,compassionate, and accepting. And you will feel this love, compassion, and acceptance...《theodore之書:地球外生命體的遠景》第九章

  6. 2012年12月23日 - 作者:branxh6j

    ...sporadic occupational group - teaching, planning, grading, and inuse alone. Planning shouldn t be. You re only as devout as your...

  7. 2013年05月27日 - 作者:holly

    ...own beauty and its effect on others, sensual, capable of carnal passion,compassionate, kind, and understanding (126-7). Female beauty is inextricably...

  8. 2012年10月13日 - 作者:Amazon01

    ...short story writer Michael Malone is the smart, literate,compassionate voice of the American south. His gift for crafting the great...

  9. 2011年10月10日 - 作者:piano

    ...fear, and suffering in the world occur due to grasping onto the self, whatuse is that great demon to me? 135. Without forsaking one s own self, one ...

  10. 2013年01月07日 - 作者:levy34

    ... large benefits when rightused-up. A greatercompassionate of the compartment construction itself has...