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  1. 2011年09月04日 - 作者:tranquilsky

    .... Although there was no guarantee on anyclose upencounters, in our trip, we were really fortunate to see the...加拿大-portage-獨木舟露營行-總回顧-the-retrospect/

  2. 2011年03月07日 - 作者:bellachao

    ... us to the shop just in time. Yet the shop wasclosed…Guess that booking does not mean a lot here. 折腾了...

  3. 2011年10月06日 - 作者:coblechang I had the surgery and I’m fine now. This was theclosest I’ve been to facing death, and I hope it’s theclosest...

  4. 2011年05月07日 - 作者:marksheu

    ... replied, “Come! Let us get acloser look at this place. 就像前走進城中,城理人很多,雖然人多但不是像人間...興七心得滅障/

  5. 2009年12月20日 - 作者:kamah

    ...a practising economist for many years, I have neverencountered before, either in academic literature or in my working life so far...

  6. 2011年05月21日 - 作者:marksheu

    ...arise.” If we never had a kind thought, once we see, hear orencounter one, we must quickly hold on to it. 除自己有這念善心、這個善念以外,我們...把心安住/

  7. 2012年02月12日 - 作者:Alice

    ..., and falling for each other over this time iscloser to how two people develop a connection in reality than any Hollywood romance...

  8. 2011年10月09日 - 作者:tranquilsky

    ... that it came with 16x optical zoom that allows long distanceclose-up images to be taken. 16倍鏡頭再次發揮,特寫湖中心的島嶼...秋-山間楓情-川普朗國家公園-渡假村-fall-at-mont-tremblant-national-park-ski-res/

  9. 2011年06月07日 - 作者:marksheu

    ... and kept counseling them. They grewclose and discovered that the brothers had distinct ...常與無常/

  10. 2012年02月20日 - 作者:sc.yang

    ... the same directory twice, it keeps the firstencountered as the most important (origi‐ nal), and the rest as duplicates...找出重複檔案的小工具/