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  1. 2011年06月07日 - 作者:marksheu

    ..., has witnessed powershifting and peoplechanging. This is the course of nature. ...常與無常/

  2. 2011年04月12日 - 作者:marksheu

    ... more afflictions. Human minds continuouslyshift andchange Ignorance causes them to panic and be vexed...罪業滅福就生/

  3. 2011年07月10日 - 作者:hiscore0607

    ... dumbed down. 英國廣播公司否認為了使廣播通俗易懂而降低水準。 @shift achange in position or direction 改變;轉移;轉換;變換 countable ~ (in sth) a gradual...

  4. 2014年09月17日 - 作者:シgynix.!

    ...can t be obtained simply bychanging the list of people I follow, so...m trying to make an emotionalshift from exuberant joyful angry frenetic ...

  5. 2013年01月15日 - 作者:marksheu

    ... you just heard? “Change had occurred. The mindshifts focus from there to there. The...四念處/

  6. 2011年03月06日 - 作者:nknuahuang

    ... codes: Chr(9) = tab Chr(11) = manual line break (shift-enter) Chr(12) = manual page break Chr(13) = vbCrLf (return...

  7. 2010年10月24日 - 作者:kheresy

    ... mechanism also called as “stickshift” is used in cars tochange gears mannually 這種原理也可以叫做“變速...

  8. 2011年09月16日 - 作者:yc999

    ...快速鍵: 中英切換,CTRL+SPACE。 切換輸入法,ALT+SHIFT。 輸入標點符號及特殊符號,皆以按鍵ZX為起始,共有三組: zxa zxb...使用紀錄/

  9. 2012年11月20日 - 作者:horse11

    ...driver for all this was the hydrostaticchanges brought about by both the original crustalshift of 12,900 years ago that I have...百慕達三角海底發現水晶金字塔/

  10. 2012年04月04日 - 作者:tsaichengia

    ...musical instruments exhibit complex patterns of sound radiation, whichchange with direction, played pitch, and many other factors. The same holds...