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  1. 2011年02月17日 - 作者:jessielinhuiching

    ...than then there together wh / hw / wham wherewhiff why si, su / ʒ / vision occasion casual   a_e  /e/ cake game late same ...自然發音小整理-phonics-a-z/

  2. 2009年02月24日 - 作者:joan111edu

    ...300 -Yeah, We founda bare human footprint. 967 01:12:35,300 -- 01:12...971 01:12:43,100 -- 01:12:44,900 -I just hope theycatch them fast. 972 01:12:54,700 -- 01:12:56... ...

  3. 2008年05月30日

    ... are visible. The realism is so uncanny that viewers are likely tocatchawhiff of death s stench as they gaze upon this lifeless object. Only four ...【慢-slowtech】作品簡介-about-the-artworks

  4. 2009年01月31日 - 作者:rh6009

    .... You do? Nevercatch me drinking that shit... it? No. I m more ofa instant-coffee man. Here, here we...

  5. 2014年03月14日

    ...irritably. He settled down behind me, and Icaughtawhiff of his cologne as he sat down.A swift sound of...

  6. 2012年07月04日 - 作者:闕小豪 - 回應數:3

    ... 1, 擁有20家商店 2, 擁有10間3星商店 3, 賺取10萬元 任務:A Date with Data 1, 從3星電腦工廠「Collect ...模擬城市臉書版)班傑明任務

  7. 2011年06月29日 - 作者:entertainment14

    ... are ferocious, but once they vecaught thewhiff of blood, they become possessed witha hunger to finish off their prey. 血性...英雄無敵種族資料——水域瀛洲

  8. 2008年06月03日

    ... returned from overseas study, and the students wouldcatchawhiff of the leading foreign centers of learning from the way they...【城市謠言cities】策展論述-curatorial-statement

  9. 2009年01月02日 - 作者:綺

    ... to be above average. To some parents, anywhiff of retreat froma tangible commitment to gifted education is cause for concern.   If...

  10. 2013年06月02日 - 作者:Sofía n花束bouquet, wreath, bunch of flowers, garland n微風breeze, zephyr, gust,whiff adj誠實的candid, sincere, honest, guileless, impartial, unprejudiced v包括comprise, ...