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  1. 2013年10月29日 - 作者:ott

    ... label RCA marketed as a avant-garde classic music, while 1978’sbanter-heavy live album Take No Prisoners was a kind of comedy...

    Disp BBS > English > Velvet Underground's Lou Reed Dead at 71

  2. 2013年08月24日 - 作者

    ...報導 國外知名媒體SB Nation其中專責藍鳥新聞的「BluebirdBanter」發布最新消息,表示總 教練吉本斯(John Gibbons)已經...

  3. 2013年07月22日 - 作者

    ... Sing Lets all remember the spirit of this song and not the politicalbantering of those that try and use it as anythin... Do you hear the people sing? ...

    Disp BBS > virsey > [問卦] Do you hear the people sing?的八卦