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  1. 2008年02月25日 - 作者:AJ

    ...face every time you go to dry your hands. Once you get over theawkwardness of what you have just seen... you ll begin to see a fun, kitschy, innocent 1950 s...

  2. 2008年06月26日 - 作者:婕兮

    ..., we have a big old snog. It was memorable for itsawkwardness. It was our first day, and it was like, ...

  3. 2014年03月19日

    ... book friends. They talk to me without embarrassment orawkwardness. 文學就是她的烏托邦,視聽障礙絲毫不能阻擋她對閱讀的熱情。相較於海倫...

  4. 2009年08月01日 - 作者:lianelo

    ... is to either humiliate men unworthy of her, or to addawkwardness to conversations.[Hye-na's commentary] Until one day...《拜託小姐》最新劇情

  5. 2014年03月14日 - 作者:天仙 (Celeste) - 回應數:8

    ...right between two seatings. I think this decreases theawkwardness unintentional stares at stranges at the other table.第一杯飲料來...【食記】彰化---尋鹿咖啡

  6. 2010年05月23日 - 作者:weedyc

    ... isn t as painful as it sounds, though, as after a brief moment ofawkwardness, it turns into something positive.你和你的另一半,摰友或是工作夥伴...[情報]-05-23-十二星座運勢(中英對照)

  7. 2007年08月26日 - 作者:JANE

    ... to his grandmother in Chinatown and his mother sawkwardness during his Southern wedding party are touching...

  8. 2011年10月27日 - 作者:CiCi ♥ - 回應數:8

    ...身心健康: ) 噢!對了~我不喜歡紅酒 8.一個人.Silence but noawkwardness 能有一個人能和自己聊天聊地,天南地北的瞎說不保留不設限是件再棒不過...我心中不能缺少的-best-10-♥♥♥

  9. 2011年09月08日 - 作者:恩比柿

    ... along a photo album, and passing it around helped mitigate theawkwardness. Onwas was interested in a picture of my cat. ...

  10. 2013年01月06日 - 作者:stuarkm1

    ... and all those involved considered it to be anawkwardness for the mob contacts to locomote to lighting in this manner, particularly...