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  1. 2010年09月04日 - 作者:♥ 咪唷 -- Miu♥ - 回應數:2

    ... StepAtATime(中英歌詞)hurry up and wait...應該學習著如何去◎one stepatatime 一步一腳印there s no need...

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    2013年05月30日 - 作者:ty wr

    ... for lunch,a first the office, ...special for seductiontime. christian louboutin... sa peekat ten completely different...

  3. 2013年07月28日 - 作者:Ryan / 小凱 - 回應數:3

    ... LetterataTime』 則讓我們看到 Rick... LetterataTime】 Rick 沒辦法控制...『one-letter-at-a-time』讀後感-–-生命鬥士-rick-ho

  4. 2013年07月28日 - 作者:Ryan / 小凱

    ... LetterataTime』则让我们看到 Rick... LetterataTime】 Rick 没办法控制...『one-letter-at-a-time』读后感-–-生命斗士-rick-ho

  5. 2009年12月12日 - 作者:changturtle

    ...金瓜石第一戰俘營 One dayatatime, Kinkaseki ( 沒有明天的... 那本 One dayatatime, Kinkaseki ( 沒有明天的...

  6. 2009年01月30日 - 作者:♥ 咪唷 -- Miu♥ - 回應數:7

    ...演過Disney的電影吧?最近ICRT很常播的One StepAtATime(←◎)我前一陣子還用成手機鈴聲後來發現很可怕...音樂的前奏是高跟鞋叩叩叩...【音樂】jordin-sparks---one-step-at-a-time-中文歌詞

  7. Being at an art school now for almost 4 years, I am starting to think that perhaps we should be taught how to do a critique. A critique is suppose to help our classmates to take the project to the next level. However what often happens at the end of a critique is that some students would get absolutely defeated by the things that were said. Instead of wanting to excel and improve, one could say that we’ve pushed him down the cliff. 上藝術學院將近四年以來,我開始發現學校應該要教學生如何講評互相的作品。講評的用處應該是使作品更上一層樓,但常常在學校師生講評一結束,許多學生卻被大家的講評而被打敗。與其更有動力想把作品完美化,不如說完全跌到谷底,根本連碰都不想碰。 How do you critique when it is a bad project then? I remembered when I was in my first year, I had a class where the students really understood how to respect one another. When there was a so-so project on display, they wouldn’t say too many compliments, but people would use encouragements to tell the student where to improve. As a result, the student wouldn’t be embarrassed in front of the whole class, but at the same time, he/she would know areas to improve. 作品差的時候該如何講評?我記得我一年級時有一班課同學們真的非常懂得尊重。當有不好的作品出現時,大家心裡也都知道,雖然不會講太多好話,可是大家會用非常好的語氣鼓勵該同學如何進步。這位同學,因為這樣不會在大家面前擺不下臉,但卻也深知這次的作品許要再加強。 We really should be aware if we are helping one another during critiques. 講評時,我們應該要注意我們是否在幫助別人。 This post is a repost from Andrew s Design Blog

    2010年02月16日 - 作者:andrewzo

    ...the student where to improve. Asa result, the student wouldn’t be ... in front of the whole class, butat the sametime, he/she would know areas to...

  8. 2009年12月20日 - 作者:fsgvhr

    ...最近的心情,就想到這首歌。   One StepAtATime by Jordin SparksHurry up and waitSo...

  9. 2014年06月04日 - 作者:qqwizpp

    ...25mm wide lens to capturea selfie everytime you takea picture. The Movie... clearly targetedata different consumer, one that ...

  10. 2006年04月12日 - 作者:Jill learn about the golden rule.And sitat his desk ona tiny stool.It stime for Tom to go to school.It stime for...