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  1. 2005年10月04日 - 作者:minami926 - 回應數:357

    I amassured that you will have nice days in Kyoto. And I am...

    背包客棧 > 日本關西 > 京都真如堂附近安靜的小旅社[鹿麓]

  2. 2009年11月13日 - 作者:seasonlving - 回應數:527

    ... traveling route if you wish to beat the crowd at the most popular sites. You can beassured of a safe journey throughout

    背包客棧 > 柬埔寨 > [吳哥窟]Tuk Tuk司機推薦討論

  3. 2016年03月02日 - 作者:Pandamo - 回應數:227

    ...) very close to the event date - often the week of the event. Restassured, as part of the viagogo guarantee, we’re closely monitoring your order...

    背包客棧 > 法國及摩納哥 > 2016法國歐洲國家盃 門票

  4. 2013年05月15日 - 作者:magoe - 回應數:712

    ... evaluating the details of your complaint and restassured that we will get back to you to provide feedback on the action undertaken...

  5. 2017年03月07日 - 作者:dsx - 回應數:27

    ... must be received 7 days prior to reservation arrival date toassure refund of deposit. Refunds on cancellations made less that...

    背包客棧 > 美國西部 > 優勝美地住園區還是外圍建議

  6. 2005年08月04日 - 作者:river01 - 回應數:434

    ...安全和健康問題。 從 _KRISH Lama_ 上擷取一段話: I alsoassure you that our porters and other supporting staffs will...

    背包客棧 > 尼泊爾 > [健行]尼泊爾的登山嚮導

  7. 2017年12月12日 - 作者:MasonS - 回應數:2 in our experiences. Please note that we cannotassure you if you would be able to see green vineyards that day. The cycle...

  8. 2013年07月10日 - 作者:cinnlo - 回應數:153

    ...sincerely apologize for the inconvenience we ve caused you. Please beassured that the room rate of your original reservation (5,600JPY per room...

    背包客棧 > 日本關西 >

  9. 2018年08月31日 - 作者:Cambodia Safe Driver

    .... I have been a car driver since 2006. Please restassured that my service is reasonably fair. I have 10 years of ...

    背包客棧 > 柬埔寨 > 柬埔寨出租车司机,英文和中文讲。