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  1. 2012年10月09日 - 作者:Ivy's Dad - 回應數:172

    ...apparently, they had beenafraid that they have to dance with the other... for a dance partner, but noneof them seemed right. ...

    BabyHome > 教養 教育小學生 > Ivy 外語學習之旅 - 補充篇

  2. 2013年09月26日 - 作者:MarkTW - 回應數:135

    ...people in Mexico wereafraidof the beast, so no-one got the... he tiptoed thoughshadow cave he saw the treasure! ...

    BabyHome > 教養 教育小學生 > 廖彩杏不知道的 - 英國小三 Spelling 作業