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  1. 2010年01月21日 - 作者:physio

    ...1±1.9 ( ±SD) on a 10-point visual analog scale, and 36%of the subjects ...of a nerve or in thepresenceof abnormally high endoneurial pressure... ...

  2. 2014年10月04日 - 作者:evita6804

    ... were still inside the unit. In fact, the days-longpresenceof the contaminated linens in the apartment was a controversy...

  3. 2013年05月04日 - 作者:DB

    ... from the international Satellite surveillance cameraof thepresenceof McDonald’s money-laundering case suspect, Mr...

  4. 2014年02月20日 - 作者:快樂小藥師

    ... to be an early signof pulmonary impairment.24,25 Although thepresenceof Velcro rales as heard on auscultation has not...[nejm]fundamentals-of-lung-auscultation

  5. 2013年06月05日 - 作者:飯糰 boldly promising to kill the beast. At onepoint, Jack summons allof his hunters to hunt down a  wild pig , ...

  6. 2011年02月01日 - 作者:yamantaka999

    ...lineageof painters, it is becauseof his wisdom and generous guidance inpointing out the way to such a novice. And with the...

  7. 2010年07月03日 - 作者:快樂小藥師 - 回應數:1

    ...function. The most important issue at thispoint is whether these data are robustly... MD, PhD, professorof neurology and psychiatry and associate director...[webmd]以老鼠模式確認細胞中prion蛋白質在阿茲

  8. 2014年05月23日

    ... the march, she made apointof lunching at Whyte... even her indomitablepresence and relentless energy enough to secure passage...

  9. 2014年03月27日 - 作者:快樂小藥師

    ...20 Thus, it is possible that factors such as the dose, thepresence or absenceof deficiency before the onsetof illness, and the typeof critical illness may determine the... ...[nejm]nutrition-in-the-acute-phase-of-critical-illness